Lösemiyi 2 Kere Yenmiş Vücut Geliştiricinin Motivasyon Dolu Hikayesi


Vücut geliştiriciler arasından birçok başarı hikayesine sahip isimler çıkabiliyor. Sağlıklarını ve hayata karşı motivasyonlarını kazanmada vücut geliştirmenin büyük rol oynadığı sporcular mevcut. 23 yaşında olmasına rağmen iki kere lösemi tedavisi geçiren ve kanseri 2 kere yenen vücut geliştirici James Kearsley de bu isimlerden biri!

James Kearsley, 23 yaşında, Avustralya Tazmanya’da yaşıyor,


Üniversite yıllarına kadar birçok spor ile uğraşmış olan James, üniversiteyi bitirdiğinde vücut geliştirmeye başlamış. Çok uzun ama ince görüntüsünü daha orantılı ve güçlü bir hale getirmek isteyen James vücut geliştirme ile bunu dengelemek istemiş.


James’e 2014 yılında lösemi tanısı konuluyor ve aynı yıl tedavisi başlıyor,

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I don't think people understand just how important exercise is, or just how strong an individual can become – Because cancer unfortunately effects so many people, I often get reached out to in hope of answers; from patients, to concerned friends and relatives – I'm often asked about how I recovered so fast, and whilst there are many variables as to how an individual's recovery may go. There was one thing I always did to ensure my body was as good as it can be, under the circumstances – EXERCISE, I have no doubt in my mind that my recovery would've been significantly more complicated and slower if I had not had a history in healthy living, and exercise. You may think I'm just a gym junkie, but I may not have been alive today if it weren't for exercise and training – Of course there were times I was too unwell to exercise during treatment, sometimes too unwell to even open my eyes. But whenever I could, I would be on the treadmill, lifting something, or just doing laps of my hospital ward – The one thing I can't stress enough is the importance of exercise; not just to patients, but to everyone. This isn't me trying to sell you a workout program, this is simply my insight into what I believe is best for your Mind, Body, and Spirit – Anytime you think you're 'too busy' or want to make some other excuse to not exercise, just look at the picture of me on the treadmill during my chemotherapy infusion – #TrueStrength #CancerSurvivor #RealTalk

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İlk ameliyatını 2014’te olan James Kearsley, başarılı bir kemoterapi döneminin ardından kanseri yenmiş oluyor -18 ay sonra kanser vücudunda yeniden ortaya çıkana kadar…


James 2015’in Eylül ayında ilk vücut geliştirme şovuna katılmış,

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#Fitness < #Health I was not saddened by the lack of physical progress in this picture, but I was thrilled by the amount of mental progress – I believe this picture can show an insight into two worlds; fitness, and health. Two worlds that don't see eye to eye very often in 'mainstream' social media – Think of any fitness 'personality' on Instagram, they would usually have Hundred's of Thousands of followers, many even exceeding a few Million. How many pictures and videos have they posted of themselves posing/flexing, or standing in front of an expensive car or something else materialistic – These pictures are highly sought after as it highlights their fitness/physique, and their money; 2 of the most highly sought after things – But when was the last time one of these personalities posted about health? I don't mean a recipe for a nice salad etc. I mean actual medical health, like getting a doctors check up, having a blood test, talking to someone about something that is troubling you emotionally or psychologically – I'm not afraid to talk about these things, because I have seen the best and worst of both worlds. I certainly know which one I respect more – It shouldn't have to take an event like a cancer diagnosis for someone to wake up and see which world needs more attention. We can all excel in the both worlds, because a castle built on sand is just built to fall – When was the last time you had a doctor appointment? Or surveyed your body for any unsightly lumps, or just had a blood test – Know your body Check your body Respect you body #CancerSurvivor #TrueStrength

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Bu dönemde hastalığı remisyondaymış. Yani hastalığının etkilerinin görülmediği dönem. Ancak kanser birkaç ay sonrasında ikinci kere kendisini gösterince bu dönem içerisinde kazandığı kasları da kaybettiği ikinci bir tedavi sürecine başlamış.


Tedavi sürecini, vücut geliştirme çalışmalarını sosyal medya hesaplarında paylaşan James,

Bu zorlu süreçte kendisini motive edebilmek için çabalarken çevresinden ve takipçilerinden muhteşem bir destek gördüğünü belirtiyor.


Tekrar kemoterapi sürecine giren James, bir kök hücre tedavisi ile ikinci kere ameliyat olmuş,

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Health & Fitness – When was the last time one of Instagram's many fitness personalities posted something about health? I'm not talking about a workout or a recipe for a low fat salad; I'm talking actual medical health – I'd be willing to wager in majority of cases, never have they posted such a thing – How is it so that Health, something that is so closely correlated to Fitness is not promoted to the same degree, and sometimes not at all – 1. Because it doesn't make money 2. Because it doesn't get likes 3. Because they value their appearance over their health – I can tell you right now that potential illnesses and diseases don't give a damn how good your body looks, or how much you can lift. They are non subjective and can effect any of you, at anytime – I know out of the 2 options which one I respect more. Get a blood test, examine your body, talk to someone about what's on your mind. Be Healthy – #TrueStrength #CancerSurvivor #TeamON

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5 ay süren bu tedaviden sonra sağlığına kavuşan ve kanseri ikinci kere yenen James, kaybettiği kaslarını ve daha fazlasını yeniden kazanmak için salona tekrar dönmüş.


Zorlu kanser sürecini ve lösemiyi 2 kere yenen James,

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2016 – 2017 Cancer Survivor Transformation – When I was initially diagnosed in 2014 I began using this social media account for my own personal documentation, to look back on later on in life – Over time, my posts began to reach a broader audience; and people began to connect. I never knew why it attracted so many people – maybe because cancer touches so many people's lives. But I could see what I was posting was helping others – to overcome their own battles, or to help them with a loved one's – Now that's why I post these sorts of pictures; not to brag about my fitness/gym transformations, but in an attempt to help others. To show people that results can be achieved when effort is applied. Or that so many different things can be overcome with a positive mentality and with positive thinking – To anyone that may be fighting their own battle, or have a friend or family member battling their own – just remember to keep your eyes on the prize and to never let go of that positive mindset. With that, the rest will be easy – #CancerSurvivor #Motivation #TeamON

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Herkese sağlıklarının ne kadar önemli olduğunu ve kendilerine hem fiziksel hem mental olarak iyi bakmaları gerektiğini anlatmak istiyor.


Tedavi süresince yanında olan ve ona cesaret veren herkese teşekkür eden James,

Kendi paylaşımları ile aynı süreci paylaşan kişilere destek olmaya çalışıyor.

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