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Anoreksiyayı Yenip Vücut Geliştirici Olan Sarah Ramadan ile Tanışın

Başarı hikayelerine bir yenisini ekliyoruz. Aradığınız motivasyonu anoreksiyanın korkunç pençesinden kurtulup mükemmel bir vücuda kavuşan 23 yaşındaki Sarah Ramadan’da bulabilirsiniz! 1995 doğumlu olan Sarah, Kanadalı bir sosyal medya fitness modeli. #thenandnow ✌🏼💜 2016 vs 2018 ⠀ Here is a mini reverse diet update!! ⠀ my macros are up, my priorities are different, and my love for fitness is stronger than ever🙏🏼 ⠀ It’s so nice to train beyond a deadline and stage💜. While I loved the experience of competing, my passions for fitness extend past this goal. Right now I’m training out of love for my body, and to honour my inner athlete. I’m lifting weights about 5-6 x week (progressive overload, strength + hypertrophy-focused training block), performing cardio ~ twice a week, and working on my flexibility (much needed lol😅) ⠀ I’m monitoring my macros on somedays, but mostly intuitive eating takes the lead (trusting my hunger cues was something I could never once do, so being able to do this now is HUGE for me!!!💜) ⠀ As far as diet goes, I’m doing … »